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Connect separates the good traffic from the bad

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Prevent Fraud

Over half of all online fraud occurs because fraudsters are using stolen data to appear like real customers (this is also known as “clean fraud.”) Connect distinguishes fake users from real ones before they have the chance to commit fraudulent transactions.

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Improve Performance

Malicious automation can comprise up to 90% of a website’s traffic, slowing down your site for real customers. Connect speeds up your website by eliminating this traffic from ever reaching your origin server.

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Eliminate Bots

Every website that is built for users gets abused by criminals using automation. Connect offers comprehensive anti-automation technology that is built on the same platform that defends 20% of Fortune 500 brands from imitation attacks.

Connect knows if a user is real or fake

Every time a request is made to your website, for example, a user attempts to login or create a new account, Connect determines whether it came from a bot or human. If it’s an unwanted bot, Connect will block it from accessing your site.

Connect's AI-backend continually learns from new attacks across the entire Shape Network, ensuring your website is continually protected against the newest, most sophisticated attacks.

The Shape Security Network

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