How it works

Our fully cloud-based service sits between your site and the Internet, deflecting all unwanted automation ("bots") and protecting you from scraping, DDoS, credential-stuffing, account-takeovers, gift card cracking, and all other malicious activity done at scale.

How Shape Connect protects your website

  1. Browser queries DNS using your website’s domain
  2. DNS returns the IP address of your website’s origin server to the browser
  3. Browser sends a request directly to your website’s origin server using its IP address
  4. Your website’s origin server returns a response to the browser
  1. DNS returns your dedicated Connect IP instead of the IP address of your website’s origin
  2. All requests are proxied through Connect: responses cached in CDN are returned immediately
  3. Connect cloud absorbs even the largest infrastructure DDoS attacks
  4. Connect detects if a request was automated. If malicious, Connect blocks the attack.
  5. Your website’s origin responds only to valid requests from your actual users

Global delivery, high availability and low latency

Connect CDN

Connect customers can leave their legacy Content Delivery Network with all its costs and headaches, behind. The Connect CDN can be enabled with a single click to activate 100 global caching nodes, so your content will always have low-latency and better engagement.

DDoS Attacks

Connect can absorb the largest volumetric distributed denial-of-service attacks and the sneakiest application-level DDoS attacks. Volumetric attacks are diffused with the multicast routing of our CDN platform, and application-level attacks are absorbed by our anti-automation engine, because Connect blocks all malicious automation.

Connect protects your website against the newest and most sophisticated attacks

Learn how Shape Connect ensures PCI DSS 6.6 compliance >
Generates attack alerts and immediate investigation

The easiest, most effective way to ensure PCI DSS compliance

Configured to block web-based attacks
Generates audit logs
Prevents and detects web-based attacks
Sits in front of public-facing web applications
Actively running and up-to-date

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