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Defend your users accounts from bots before they get into your system

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Connect separates real users from fake users

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Validate Transactions

Generic fraudulent chargeback codes should not be a way of life for ecommerce, if you've been getting hammered with them recently, bots could be the cause. nConnect prevents bots from using stolen cards on your check out pages.

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Block Scrapers

Aggregators and competitors hitting your site for content, photos or pricing information? Not only is this hurting your bottom line, but your customer experience. Connect blocks hostile scrapers protecting your customers and infrastructure.

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Block Impersonation

Criminals commit all sorts of fraud after taking over accounts: From unauthorized transactions to stealing reward points and cryptocurrency. Stop fraudsters from rapidly testing stolen credentials on your site or application.

Connect knows if a user is real or fake

Every time a request is made to your website, for example, a user attempts to login or create a new account, Connect determines whether it came from a bot or human. If it’s an unwanted bot, Connect will block it from accessing your site.

Connect's AI-backend continually learns from new attacks across the entire Shape Network, ensuring your website is continually protected against the newest, most sophisticated attacks.

The Shape Security Network

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