Here’s why you never use CAPTCHA to stop bots

Former FBI agent, Dan Woods, demonstrates methods criminals use to bypass CAPTCHAs so their bots remain effective.

Shape Connect prevents fraud

Fraudulent login attempts exceeded a million per day and made up over 90% of the login traffic to a top US retailer.

Traditional defenses, like web application firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention services, and fraud analytics, failed to prevent these ongoing automated attacks.

The Fortune 500 retailer deployed the Shape solution and completely eliminated account hijackings.

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Prevent Account Takeover

Criminals acquire large volumes of stolen user names and passwords, and then use sophisticated bots to try them at scale across many different consumer businesses, bypassing traditional security controls. Attackers take over accounts to make purchases or transfer reward points.

Block Carding Fraud

Criminal groups use bots to try stolen credit card numbers against online payment pages and identify active cards. Attackers use the validated cards to purchase goods which they resell for profit.

Eliminate Scalping

Scalpers use bots to quickly buy up inventory as soon as it's available and then sell it on the secondary market, denying real customers value and online brand interactions.

Prevent Gift Card Cracking

Criminals use bots to test many different account numbers against gift card redemption sites, depleting legitimate accounts and incurring fraud expenses.

Protect Your Competitive Edge

Competitors use bots to collect product, inventory and pricing data from sites, eroding  merchant advantages and slowing site performance.

Stop Fake Accounts

Fake accounts can be used to post fraudulent product reviews and links to spam, degrading the customer experience.

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