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Protect your site from bots, fake users, and unauthorized transactions — all while making your website faster and ensuring PCI compliance.

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Learn how Shape Connect ensures PCI DSS 6.6 compliance >
Generates attack alerts and immediate investigation

The easiest, most effective way to ensure PCI DSS compliance

Configured to block web-based attacks
Generates audit logs
Prevents and detects web-based attacks
Sits in front of public-facing web applications
Actively running and up-to-date

Connect knows if a user is real or fake

Every time a request is made to your website, for example, a user attempts to login or create a new account, Connect determines whether it came from a bot or human. If it’s an unwanted bot, Connect will block it from accessing your site.

Connect's AI-backend continually learns from new attacks across the entire Shape Network, ensuring your website is continually protected against the newest, most sophisticated attacks.

The Shape Security Network

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