Use Cases

No matter if you have an ecommerce company, a finserv website, or a tech startup, there is a 100% chance that there are bots doing bad things on your website. Connect stops unwanted bots from accessing your website while allowing customers and good bots to go about their business with no user-visible friction.

Competitive Scraping

Competitors, aggregators and other third parties use bots to scrape your websites for information on products and pricing without your permission. Then they repackage your data and resell it. Not only does this activity interfere with your ecommerce strategies, but it also can create a serious infrastructure burden and hamper with customer experience.

Connect blocks unwanted webscrapers, protecting your intellectual property and allowing you to better predict both revenue and infrastructure costs.

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Account Takeover

Criminals use stolen usernames and passwords from other data breaches, e.g., Yahoo or LinkedIn, to log in to your customers’ accounts. They then commit all types of fraud, from making unauthorized purchases with the stored credit card information to stealing reward points.

Connect stops fraudsters from rapidly testing stolen credentials on your login applications, which means they can’t take over accounts in the first place.

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Credit Card Chargebacks

We all know fraud is the cost of doing business, but if you are seeing an uptick in credit card chargebacks with generic fraud reason codes - 10.4 (Visa), 4387 (MasterCard), F29 (American Express), or UA02 (Discover) - bots might be to blame.

Connect prevents fraudsters from using automation to validate stolen credit cards on your checkout pages, which not only prevents fraud, but also reduces the number of transactions that have to undergo automatic or manual review.

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Inexplicable Spikes in
Website Traffic

Your website traffic should follow a predictable pattern - peaking in the day during business hours, and declining at night when your customers are asleep. If you are experiencing spiky traffic that doesn’t map to marketing campaigns or your conversion rates are suddenly abysmal, it might be a case of artificial users.

Connect tells you exactly where users are coming from and whether they are fake or real. Plus, by preventing bots from adding items to carts and browsing your website, you will stop wasting your retargeting spend on them.

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Slow Load Times

You have upgraded your web hosting, reduced image sizes, and implemented all of Google Analytics’ optimization recommendations. Yet customers are still complaining that your website is loading slowly and that they are having trouble logging in and checking out. It’s likely that you have an automation problem.

Connect identifies in real-time whether a visitor to your website is human or bot, and only allows good, wanted bots, like search crawlers, while preventing all malicious automation from interacting with your site.

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Gift Card Attacks

Criminals take advantage of your gift card balance check / look-up features to identify gift card numbers with a positive balance. Once the fraudster identifies card numbers and associated PINs with positive balances, he uses or sells the gift card before the actual customer has had a chance to use it.

Connect prevents carding attacks, which rely on automation to succeed, ensuring that gift cards remain in your customers hands.

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